Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Photos

I haven't posted in so long I thought I would just randomly select photos to add to my blogspot. These are my Thimbleberries from 2008 and the start of my first two blogs of my Sunbonnet Sue through the Seasons.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OMG! Too long!

I'm SO far behind! My mom has been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer so I am spending a lot of time traveling now. Sometimes I fly and sometimes I drive. And then I sit at the hospital if that's where mom is--or I clean her house if she is home. Unfortunately, I don't even feel like I should whine about it because I won't have much time to spend with my mom.

Needless to say, it's putting me way behind on stuff at home and on quilting. Although...I did finish my siggies for the Christmas with Jane Siggy Swap last night! Yeah! One more pressing and they will be ready to mail. Now to find the directions...

B-day siggies are done through the end of September only so I have a few more to make to get those done for the year. That has been an absolute joy! Not just the receiving of so many beautiful siggies, but the making and sending of them too. There are some really (I mean REALLY) creative ladies out there making siggies!

I'll post a photo of my Xmas siggie later!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

BFF up or down?

Talked to my bff, Frances, tonight. She lives about 360 miles away, UP in Illinois. I'm DOWN in Southern Indiana almost to Louisville Ky.

She's the one that gave me the terrific bag pattern that my daughter and I had so much fun with.

We're going UP to Illinois for a visit at the end of the month--I'm SO looking forward to going UP and seeing her!

No, Frances, I'm NOT making fun of you...yes I am! :) All in fun! Miss you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Siggie Fever

OMG! I've caught Siggie Fever!

The DJ group just had the "big swap" and I submitted my siggies. Wasn't really sure I wanted to do it but I joined the list just after last year's swap and felt SO left out when everyone got their beautiful siggies in the mail. Didn't want to go through THAT again!

So I made my 135 siggies and sent them in. We don't have all the siggies back yet (Wonderful Deb Giggles is swapping them out but waiting for stragglers before sending them out to us), but another swap was started--a Christmas Swap! I can't wait! My mind keeps going round and round and round--what do I want to do on my Christmas siggie? So many ideas, finally decided to wait and see what everyone else's look like before I make a decision.

I also joined the International Siggie list. So far I've only gotten the one from the host of the swap, Annalies. But it is beautiful. It has little sock monkey "see no, hear no, speak no evil" on it! She's been collecting them since she was 15 and says she has a lot of them. I can't wait for more! I'll need to send a few out and see what happens.

From what I can see online there are many siggie addicts out there. I hope to exchange with all of them! Ok, maybe just lots of them?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We made "bags"!

My UFO for April was to make a Tammy Tadd tote bag that I had purchased the stuff for almost a year ago. The directions were so hard to follow that I just didn't even want to attempt it. But...the quilt quild picked that number so that was the project that was due. Guess what?! I did it! Not only was it MUCH easier than I thought it was going to be, but I so enjoyed doing it that I went on and made the small bag!

Then my daughter wanted me to teach her to make one so I made one for the other daughter while I taught!

The doggie fabric is my tote (DUH!), and the orange/blue batik bag is my purse. My daughter made the red & green bag--it has Charlie Brown & Lucy golfing! And I made the purple & white bag for my other daughter. I used alphabet fabric because she's a teacher.

My youngest & I had a lot of fun making them!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Too Long!

Wow! It seems like just yesterday that I posted. Time flies when...

A lot has happened over the last month--none of it has been incredibly important.

The Dear Jane group on yahoo has been busy with the quilt police, the WIP-fairies, and the UFO-fairies (UFO-fairies are totally undesirable and many of them seem to live at my house!).

I've decided I started too much and joined too many groups this year (two B.O.M.s, Thimbleberries, DJ x 2)--thus this year I will just try to keep some semblance of sanity and try to keep up. Of course, AFTER I decided I was already involved in too much then I signed up for the "Siggy Swap" in the Dear Jane group. Hopefully I'll still be married at the end of the year!

My daughter and grandson spend weekends with us so SOMETIMES I don't feel that I get much done on the weekends. Wouldn't trade them though! I really cherish the time they spend with us.

Will update with a few pictures later.

Happy Easter All!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

DJ Retreat!

My LQS has an upstairs that is set up for sleeping--and of course it is
decorated in beautiful quilts. They have just recently started opening it up for
people to have retreats.

Friday night I met about 5 other ladies and we had our own little "DJ
retreat". It was great--between the 6 of us we got over 50 blocks
done in 24 hours! I myself did 6 blocks--twice--for a total of 12! One for each of my Janes. And they were NOT the easy ones!

We stayed up until about 3 am sewing and then started again a few
hours later. Unfortunately the shop we were sewing at closed at 3pm so we
all had to go home. Well, maybe it wasn't so unfortunate--I did go to
bed at 8:30 last night because I was so tired!

If you get the opportunity to go to a retreat (and I can't wait until
"someday" when I can go to Shipshe!)--you should do it. It's very